Will Pear Engagement Rings Go Out of Style?

Pear shaped engagement rings have always been the popular choice of couples due to their elegant look and timeless appeal. For many years, pear cut has been used in jewelry items without any decline in its popularity.

Engagement rings are one time investment and a token of love, so they are brought once in the lifetime. So, couples try to choose the ring that stays in fashion for a long time. If you are going to get a pear shaped moss agate engagement ring, you might have been thinking the same.

The answer to your confusion is that Pear Cut Engagement Rings will always stay in style. But you are not satisfied yet, so read till the end to know all about pear cut engagement rings and what keeps them in style forever.

The Timeless Appeal of Pear-Shaped Moss agates

A pear cut engagement ring is one that has a pear shaped moss agate in the middle, which is larger at the bottom and gradually narrows towards the top. Pear cut  moss agate rings are also referred to as teardrop engagement rings or pear drop engagement rings.

A teardrop ring is an engagement ring that has a pear cut gemstone set on it. A pear or teardrop engagement ring is shaped like a water droplet, it is wider at the bottom and tapers to a sharp point at the top.

The pear shaped engagement ring is very much in vogue and it is an emblem of the attitude of a person who is intelligent and insightful. Because of the unique shape of the pear engagement ring, it symbolizes the idea of individuality and being different from the others.

Peat moss agates are one of the largest looking moss agate shapes because of their oval shape and the bottom part of the shape has the same facet as that of a round moss agate. However, moss agate rings are brilliant and pear cut makes them beautiful.

Pear engagement rings are unique, although most people go for round, oval or cushion shaped moss agates, opting for a pear shaped moss agate will make your ring unique and fashionable. Another benefit is that there are no strict guidelines on how to wear the pear cut engagement ring and it is up to the women to choose which finger to wear it on. Most people prefer to orient the tip of the pear in the direction of the fingernail.

Versatility In Design Of Pear Cut

Another advantage of the pear shaped body is that it is very flexible. It can be oriented in an upward or downward direction or can be placed horizontally for a different look. This flexibility means that there are numerous designs that can be made or bought to fit your personality and preferences.

The pear setting, which involves placing a precisely cut moss agate in the middle of stone, enhances the ring’s overall brilliance. Another benefit of the pear setting is that it makes the center stone look bigger. The pear also contributes to the visual depth, making the center stone appear larger and more magnificent without having to use a bigger and therefore more costly moss agate.

The pear setting enhances the beauty of the ring by giving it a glamorous and classy look. It not only adds the brilliance but also the richness and richness to the ring, which makes it ideal for those who like to have a little more shine.

Although the pear shape has its origins in the past, it also has a touch of the contemporary and the romantic. Its design is quite different from the traditional engagement rings, and this is why it is preferred by those who want a ring that is different and that tells their story of love. The pear shape is a classic cut that has been around for centuries and is perfect for those who want to combine tradition with the contemporary.

Selecting a pear-shaped ring gives the couple an opportunity to be creative and show their individuality. The unique design and the variety of options make it possible to create a unique ring that will represent the personality of the wearer and the story of the couple. When it comes to choosing the metal type, engraving a personal message, a pear cut moss agate ring can be made to narrate your love story.

Exclusive product: 14k White Gold Pear-Shaped Pear Engagement Ring

The Moss Agate Rings 14k White Gold Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring is one of the best examples of the classic and trendy design. Its pear-shaped moss agate, set in white gold, is a perfect example of the traditions and the contemporary style. This beautiful piece symbolizes the beauty of love and the beauty of the couple that will wear it, which is why it is perfect for a couple that wants their love to be eternal. This engagement ring is ideal for the women who enjoy the traditional style of the engagement ring but at the same time enjoy the modern fashion.

Celebrity Influence and Popularity

This cut has become fashionable and today there are many celebrities who wear pear shaped diamond rings including Victoria Beckham and Katherine Heigl who were given pear shaped diamond engagement rings. Victoria Backham’s pear shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring is a beauty, with a center stone that is between 15 and 17 carats. Katherine Heigl is a big fan of her teardrop halo engagement ring that has a stunning 3 carat center stone

Savannah Brinson is engaged and she wears a pear diamond ring that her husband, Lebron James gave her when they were still in high school. Jessica Simpson has had two rings featuring pear diamonds: a ring from singer Nick Lachey and another from football player Eric Johnson.

The engagement ring that was given to Anna Kournikova is pear shaped diamond that is 11 carat fancy pink and on its sides are two trillion shaped diamonds that are completely clear. Pete Davidson proposed to Ariana Grande with a pear cut diamond engagement ring with a carat of 3 but the two did not wed.

This is not the end of the list.  Paris Hilton was given a pear shaped diamond halo ring by Chris Zylka which is reported to be worth 2 million dollars. Kaley Cuoco, the star of The Big Bang Theory, has a pear shaped diamond engagement ring with a pave band that tapers towards the stone.

Cardi B was offered a 3 stone pear shaped diamond ring from Migos rapper Offset before they broke up. Sophie Turner, the star of the popular series Game of Thrones, now wears a pear engagement ring from Joe Jonas and Zoe Saldana’s ring from artist husband Marco Perego might not be a diamond, but the emerald at the center is cut into a gorgeous pear shape. So, pear-shaped rings are always going to stay in fashion because a lot of celebs wear them.

Will Pear Cut Ever Get Outdated?

Just as we told before, pear shaped engagement rings have been in high demand among people. Due to their extraordinary size they are considered to be the most preferred piece of jewelry for the new generation brides-to-be. The pear shape is quite unique and does a great job of drawing attention of people which is why it is loved by those who want something out of the ordinary.

As more couples are looking for edgy and unique rings, the cut that can be simple and complex at the same time will be more popular. One can anticipate new designs of mixed metal bands, halo settings, and colorful gemstone accents to give a modern twist to this cut.

We can hope that sustainable and ethically sourced stones like moss agate will also be on the rise, particularly among the millennials and Gen Z. Moreover, pear cut engagement rings will also alter the perception of beauty in the near future.

Final Words

Pear shaped moss agate engagement rings are always going to stay in style because of their distinguishing design and extraordinary appeal they offer. They get successful in drawing the attention of the person wearing it and that’s what women love the most. So, check out our recommendation of a moss agate pear shaped ring that is an 18k Rose Gold Vintage Pear-Shaped Moss agate Ring and make your day big with its style.

However, if you want to make a sound choice yourself, visit the Moss Agate Ring website today and explore the pear-shaped engagement ring collection.

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