Why is the Princess Cut So Popular?

When we think about engagement rings, the most common ring setting that comes to mind is solitaire. This ring features a single stone set in a metal band and gives the center stone a prominent appearance. However, there is another cut that is becoming popular beside solitaire and that is princess cut.  This cut has a square profile with levelled sides and gets a shape like an inverted pyramid. It has special value because it retains the carat weight of stone and enhances its sparkle and shine.

Princess cut is not only popular with diamond rings. It is also being used in the settings of other valuable gemstones like moss agate. So, in this article we will focus on the uniqueness of princess cut and how it can make your unique princess cut engagement rings with moss agate special.

Characteristics of Princess Cut

A princess cut moss agate has 57 facets. There are 21 facets on the crown, 4 on the girdle and 33 on the pavilion. You can also find princess cut moss gates with 25 facets on the pavilion. Moreover, the perfect possible ratio for this specific cut is 1.0

Princess cut moss agates ring is not only stunning but also tends to be less expensive than round Brilliant cut moss agates. Due to the efficiency of the cut, a princess cut moss agate can be bought at a much lower price than a round brilliant cut moss agate of equal carat weight. While they do typically have a reduced girth, princess cut moss agates compensate for this in the sparkle department.

Compared to other cuts of moss agates, the princess cut is relatively new. It is one of the newest moss agate cuts and has gained immense popularity in a very short period of time. It is a fascinating substitute for the round brilliant cut moss agate and has a unique charm and grace.

The Princess Cut gets its shape from cutters who desired to increase the weight but at the same time retain a high level of brilliance. This helps to reduce waste from the rough. A Princess Cut moss agate and a Round Brilliant Cut moss agate of the same width and depth dimensions will weigh differently in carats.

This is because the Princess Cut will have four corners that the Round Brilliant Cut will not and hence will be heavier. The Princess Cut provides buyers with a different shape but still retains the brilliance levels of The Round Brilliant Cut.

The Princess Cut when viewed on the finger looks like a larger gem than the Round Brilliant due to its rectangular shape. This rectangular shape also helps to make the finger look longer when on a shorter finger. It also helps to lengthen short fingers as well as narrow wider fingers.

Popularity of Princess Cut

The princess-cut engagement ring is a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners and is a traditional style that can be worn with any type of wedding band. The four prong setting is usually employed with the princess cut because it enhances the display of the gem’s brilliance and sparkle. This type of moss agate is classic but not for everyone as clarity depends on how light or dark it becomes in different lighting conditions. However, this might be your first option if you want something simple yet elegant.

They can be made from any kind of precious metal or gemstone depending on the kind of ring you want. Princess cuts are identified by their rectangular shape and rounded corners. It will look elegant and expensive but not too flashy or gaudy.

The 3 carat Princess Cut Moss agate Ring is one of the most beautiful wedding brands because it has been existing since ancient times. It is also called an “ancient Egyptian” style or “Egyptian Revival” style due to its popularity among ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

Queen Victoria is pictured wearing this type of ring in many photographs from the 19th century and thus the princess cut was popularized by her.

The four prong setting is mostly used with the princess cut because it enhances the radiance of the gem. It also acts as a means of holding your moss agate in place which is crucial for larger moss agates that cannot take the pressure of another setting.

This can be useful to prevent the ring from slipping out of place during normal wear or movement. Instead, this will add extra protection against slipping off your finger while doing things like gardening or exercising at the gym.

Versatility in Jewelry Design

Princess cut moss agates are suitable for any type of jewelry, but it is a great advantage for those who want to buy a moss agate engagement ring. It can be used in a variety of places and this provides the buyer with more choices. They can be in a solitaire arrangement, in a three-stone arrangement, or as a part of a moss agate cluster. They can be easily matched with other shapes such as emerald or marquise moss agates to create a unique and stunning design that will make a statement.

Perceived Size and Visual Impact

Princess cut moss agates have 50-58 facets and thus they reflect more light to the viewer. This excellent clarity and luster makes them a favorite for brides-to-be seeking a uniform shape that really sparkles.

Princess cut moss agates are one of the most durable on the market. The corners of the moss agates are typically cut at a right angle which is 90 degrees hence providing the moss agate with its distinctive squared appearance as well as making them less susceptible to chipping or breaking.

Another advantage of a princess cut moss agate is that it can look bigger than other shapes with the same carat weight. This is because princess cut moss agates have a larger surface area with a flat or shallow crown and a deep pavilion hence they appear larger than they actually are.

Cost-Effectiveness of Princess Cut Moss Agate

There is no doubt that princess cut moss agates are cheaper than rounds. This is because of the octahedral shape of a rough moss agate. When gem cutters split the rough in half they can cut two princesses with little waste.

The two halves appear like pyramids. On the other hand, round brilliant moss agates are less efficient in utilizing rough, hence they are more expensive than princess. Using this 1 carat  ideal-cut, G color, VS2 clarity moss agate as a reference, a princess cut moss agate can be up to 30% cheaper than a round of the same carat weight.

So, princess cut moss agates are usually less expensive than other moss agate cuts such as round brilliant or cushion cut moss agates because they need less weight to be removed from the original moss agate.

Symbolic Meaning and Popularity

The princess moss agate shape is chosen by those who seek a more modern and even rebellious look. The princess cut is a square shape with sharp lines and brilliant sparkle that represents wealth. The square or rectangular shape of the princess cut makes it suitable for any type of ring setting. Moss agate in a princess cut is suitable for a partner who is into modernity and likes straight lines and angles.

The princess cut has been linked to love, innocence, and marriage for centuries. The origin of moss agate rings as love symbols dates back to ancient times when moss agates stood for the durability of marriage. The princess cut moss agate ring further upholds this tradition of everlasting love by representing the love between couples in a very tangible manner.

The princess cut moss agate ring is not only a piece of jewelry but also a symbol with a certain meaning. Just as love is eternal, the shine of a moss agate is eternal and it represents eternal love. When you present your sweetheart with a princess cut moss agate ring, you are not only giving them a piece of jewelry but also a piece of history that symbolizes your love and commitment to them.

Final Words

Princess cut moss agate rings are popular when it comes to making choices related to wedding rings or enagemenent rings. Moss-agate rings offer your the best collection of princess cut engagement ring sets and unique princess cut enaggement rings that you could gift to your partner as a commitment to your love. Visit moss agate rings today and get the best for your sweetheart.





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