Which are the Best Engagement Rings for Women?

Finding the love of your life is a very personal thing and everyone tries to look for that special someone to share the rest of their lives with. The same can be said for searching for the right engagement ring. This is a highly individualistic decision and depends on many factors including knowledge, preference, and cost.

Deciding the best ring is not the same when you are beginning with no idea, you have a vague idea but need some guidance, or you are sure of what you want. Whether you are on the conservative or liberal side, our final guide to find the perfect moss agate engagement rings has everything you need. Plus, Moss Agate Rings has a wide variety of engagement rings for you to explore, but before you go to look into the collection, you should get to know all about the engagement rings.

Understanding Different Ring Styles

It is crucial to know the meaning of style and setting when choosing the right engagement ring for your beloved. While it can be challenging to differentiate between the two, style is the overall appearance or mood of the ring, whether it is vintage or nature-oriented. Here are some engagement ring styles that you can choose:


Classic engagement rings are characterized by such design elements as minimalistic shapes, single-stone settings, and delicate engraving with tiny diamonds. These styles are usually classic and delicate, which means that these are the styles that do not lose their relevance and are ideal for the jewelry piece that you will wear for a lifetime and are great for the future generations as well.


Luxe engagement rings all have one thing in common: as many diamonds as one can imagine. Whether it is a high carat setting or a sculptural setting where the diamond is surrounded by hundreds of tiny glittering stones, these rings are always large, conspicuous and flashy.

Vintage Inspired

Traditional engagement rings are inspired by the classics and may include aspects like milgrain edges, hand engraved filigree work, or the three stone setting that represents the past, present, and future. Subtle features, including step-cut diamond accents, set these designs apart from modern or contemporary designs that feature clean lines and less detail.

Nature Inspired

Nature-inspired engagement rings herald the arrival of bloom with design features like floral engravings, diamond petals, organically formed clusters, and twisting vines of metal. These styles can be solitaires or set with diamonds or other stones for instance, green sapphires or moss agates that symbolize leaves,


Contemporary engagement rings are all about clean lines or sculptural elements like extra wide bands, bands that gradually slim down, or a multi-prong setting that provides a tactile feel. Split shank rings are a perfect example of a contemporary design that is bold and eye-catching with a clean design.

Popular Engagement Ring Shapes

Round Cut

Brides all over the world are attracted to round-cut stones. Given that its shape optimizes the fire of the stone at the right angle of light, it is not shocking that this is the current stone. Round, brilliant cut stones are ideal for solitaire, two or three stone rings and geometric styles for a vintage feel. These stones are perfect for those who are into the traditional styles, but if you are more of a rebel, you might want to go for a cut that is not so popular among the others.

Princess Cut

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a king or queen on their special day? The princess cut, which is another popular engagement ring style. The face-up shape of the princess cut is square or rectangle sides and this makes it ideal for almost any type of ring setting. You will get a more contemporary and sleek appearance and they have a lot of sparkle and they are usually much cheaper than round brilliant cut stones.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut stone has a rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners, which makes it look like a piece of art deco. It has a long shape and sharp lines that mimic the stone’s clarity and the way it reflects the light. When placed vertically, their shape makes fingers appear longer and skinny, ideal for those selfies with engagement rings on. However, since it is a simple form, there are not many facets to hide the imperfections, and therefore, clarity is paramount, as is color.

Oval Cut

In fact, the oval shaped stone is nothing more than an elongated round stone and can have as many facets as a round cut stone, which means that it has the potential to shine as brightly as a round cut stone. It is a sophisticated and unconventional option and its shape may elongate the finger. However, if it is not cut properly, it has a similar bowtie shape to a marquise cut stone and also tends to hide flaws and inclusions.

Pear Cut

Pear shaped cut is also known as teardrop and is a combination of styles that originated in the 1400s. This cut is inspired by both oval and marquise and is ideal for those who adore the retro style and believe that two is not a pair but one. Because more of the stone is visible from the top view, pear-shaped stones look larger than they actually are; therefore, if size is a consideration for you, this cut is ideal. These rings are best suited for a bezel or half-V setting because of the pointed tip of the shape, which is susceptible to chipping.

14k White Gold Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This Moss Agate ring with a diamond in 14k white gold is a classic and beautiful style for an engagement ring. The patterns of the Moss Agate stone make it an elegant piece to wear at any occasion.

Metal Choices and Their Impact

One of the best decisions that you can make at the beginning of your search for a ring is to decide on the metal or metals that are appropriate for both of you. When beginning the process of selecting a metal, it is crucial to not only think about the look of the metal, but also how it will complement the design of the ring, the stone in the middle of the ring, and possibly additional stones on the sides, and the life of the individual who will be wearing the ring.

Some select the metal of their ring setting depending on the existing jewelry that they own. Those who prefer the cooler tones and the shiny, reflective surfaces of metals would prefer white gold or platinum while those who prefer the warm tones and the softer look would prefer yellow or rose gold. Of course, the use of both metals can be combined in one shank or use a white metal around a stone itself to increase its apparent size and sparkle or brilliance.

Unique and Customizable Options

A customized design makes your engagement ring have a personal touch that is unique to you. An engagement ring that is made to your specifications is a symbol of love that is as special as you are. It is not just the glitter that matters, it is the emotion that comes with it.

When it comes to custom engagement rings, you are not simply purchasing an accessory but a symbol, a statement of your love. You can choose every aspect of the ring, which makes it unique to you. This personal touch is not only in the design but in the relationship you have with your partner.

Of course, a custom-made ring is the best since it will fit you perfectly and will not cause any discomfort when worn all day. You are not buying an off-the-shelf ring; you are deciding to create the engagement ring of your dreams with a personal flair.

The ability to have complete control over the design is the best thing because every curve and gem is placed there intentionally. It is not just a ring that you are purchasing, but a symbol of your love that you are creating. It is a unique piece that is not only a perfect fit for your finger but also for your heart. It is not only comfortable, it is ideal.

18k Rose Gold Customizable Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is made of 18k rose gold and can be customized depending on your desire. The Moss Agate stone is very unique and beautiful, combined with the rose gold, the ring is very beautiful and romantic, which is suitable for representing a special love.

Budget Considerations

When you decide to buy a ring you should keep in consideration your budget. Gemstones like diamonds are not much budget friendly. However, you can go for smaller diamonds. If you don’t want to compromise on the size of the gemstone or want a more budget friendly option, you can go for some other gemstone like moss gate. Moss Agate Ring offers a wide collection of moss agate engagement rings and moss agate wedding rings to fit every budget.

Final Words

Buying an engagement ring is as difficult as choosing a partner for yourself. So, while buying a ring take care of style, cut and metal of the band to have the perfect ring for you. You can also customize your ring according to your budget and style preferences. Moss Agate rings has a wide variety of wedding rings and engagement rings for your special days. Visit the website today and check out their collection for the masterpiece to rejoice your love.

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