What Makes Rose Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings Special?

When it comes to engagement rings, every partner tries to get the best one for their better half. These rings are a promise of eternal love and commitment that the couple is going to have till death does them apart. Engagement rings are just like a vow a person makes to his partner and rose gold moss agate engagement rings serve the best for this purpose.

You might have seen many rings with silver or gold bands, but rose gold bands with princess cut stones have their own charm. So, what makes them so special? In this article we will discuss all about rose gold princess cut engagement rings and how they add a touch of romance to your love life.

The Charm of Rose Gold

Rose Gold is also known as red gold or pink gold which is made by mixing pure gold with copper or silver. The exact proportions of mixing is not known but a common mix is 75% pure gold, 22.5% copper and 2.5% silver. Rose Gold is a popular choice for jewelry due to its reddish warm hue that is due to copper and silver content. Copper gives it a reddish color and silver helps tone it down to achieve desired shades.

When we compare rose gold to yellow gold and white gold the difference comes due to alloy elements. Yellow gold and white gold have nickel or palladium, while rose gold has copper and silver.

History of Rose Gold

In historical content, rose gold was introduced in the 19th century which marks the Victorian era. At that time it was particularly popular for its romantic appeal and was often used in sensual jewelry such as wedding rings. But its popularity declined in the 20th century because people were more into yellow gold. However, in recent years rose gold is becoming a fashionable choice for modern jewelry like wedding rings.

The main advantage of choosing rose gold in an engagement ring is its romantic appearance. Pink color combines femininity and elegance and makes the ring a better alternative to the traditional gold.

Another advantage is its versatility and adaptability to different skin tones.  The vibrancy of rose gold tends to complement fair and dark skin tones which makes it a luxury choice for a wide range of people. Moreover, due to the addition of copper and silver, rose gold is more practical and durable than the traditional white and yellow gold.

History and Significance of the Princess Cut

Princess cut is one of the most famous cuts for engagement rings and it offers a stylish and classic look that also complements with modern jewelry. The appearance of this cut is not the only thing that makes it special. There is also a romantic story behind the birth of this cut.

In the 18th century, King Louis XV of France fell in love with Jeanne Antoinette at a ball at the Palace of Versailles when he first saw her. So, he hired a jeweler to create a diamond like this one based on her lips. Here the princess cut came into being.

Another tale associated with the origin of princess cut. It is said that when the King of Belgium married his beloved daughter, he created an unusual and mysterious square diamond especially for her. The four corners represent love, love, cherish and affection, and the light that flickers through the stone symbolizes the flame of happiness. Since then, this diamond cut has been princess cut due to its rectangular shape, or in short you can just call it princess square.

However, princess cut is not only limited to diamonds. You can get any stone like moss agate cut in princess cut and combined with a rose gold band to have a beautifully crafted ring for your partner.

Why Rose Gold with a Princess Cut?

Rose gold and a princess cut moss agate can make a stunning combination by blending elegance and romanticism together. It not only captivates the eyes, but also pleases the heart.

Visual Impact of the Rose Gold & Princess Cut

Rose gold has warm and pink hues that offer an elegance combined with romantic tones and complement the brilliance of princess cut moss agate rose gold enaggemnet ring. When we contrast this gentle color of metal with the geometric precision of the diamond cut a beautiful visual appeal is created. The sharp lines of princess cut and the faceted corners play against the softness of rose gold and present a balanced phenomenon that makes every engagement ring unique.


Rose Gold is associated with love, romance and compassion and moss agate symbolizes growth and new beginnings which makes both of them ideal for engagement rings. The princess cut is known for boldness and elegance and its clarity symbolizes strength. When they are worn together, they represent a harmonious blend of classic romance and modern sophistication. This makes them a perfect choice for gifting as an engagement ring to your partner.

Moss Agate Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Moss Agate rings offer a wide range of princess cut engagement rings with rose gold bands. Each of the rings has its own unique design. These rings are perfect for those who want timeless beauty on their fingers. Moss agate rings selection includes princess cut engagement rings sets too, so you can enjoy the complete look on your engagement day.

How to choose the Perfect Moss Agate Engagement Ring?

Every ring is not of your taste and to get the perfect moss agate engagement ring for yourself or your partner you should consider some important considerations. Here is what you need to follow to buy the best rose gold princess cut moss agate engagement ring.

1.     Choose the right setting

When you go to buy a moss agate engagement ring with princess cut, you should look out for the setting that highlights the moss agate stone shape. Moreover, the setting should also protect the stone from wear and tear. A prong or bezel setting exposes the stone visually and also protects its corners.

2.     Consider Moss Agate Quality and Band Style

When it comes to quality of stone you should look for the inclusions concentration, clarity and neatness in the cut. Poorly cut stones are not only visually unattractive but also snatch the durability of the stone. As a result, either the stone breaks apart or gives an artificial look. So choose a stone that has more clarity and deep green inclusions.

When it comes to rose gold band style you should go for a simple yet elegant band to look classy. This band perfectly complements the princess cut boldness. You can also choose a band with intricate details like smaller stones to add more flair to the setting and cut.

3.     Personalize Your Ring

Though the moss agate engagement ring with princess cut is beautiful on its own. However, you can add a touch of personalization to convey a message to your partner or give a reflection of your style and personality through your rings.

You can add many customizations to your rings such as engraving, choosing unique band design or adding side stones to increase the appeal and value of your ring. Most of the couple nowadays love to engrave the name of their partner or the date of engagement on the engagement rings. However, many also prioritize keeping the bands in original condition especially if they want a classy and stylish moss agate engagement ring.

4.     Take advice from experts

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision because it is a symbol of love. Getting the expert advice can help you choose the right band and setting for your moss agate engagement ring. Engagement is a big commitment and many couples get confused when it comes to buying an engagement ring. So, the experienced jewelers can offer guidance on choosing the right moss agate setting and band to suit your interests and lifestyle. They can also advise you on how to care for your ring to ensure it remains beautiful for many years to come.

Moss Agate Rings is a popular brand that is committed to helping customers make the right choice when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for their big day. Their knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have regarding choosing the best ring. They also provide expert advice on choosing the perfect ring for your partner.

Moss Agate Rings also offers a wide range of rose gold princess cut engagement rings to make sure that you find the perfect ring for your big day  to symbolize your love and devotion.

Final Words

When it comes to engagement rings many options are available in the market. Not everybody can afford a diamond ring so many other options are there. One of them is a moss agate princess cut ring with a rose gold band. You can choose them for your partner to give a message of love to your partner. However, also keep in consideration your personal preferences that match your lifestyle while buying a ring for your partner.



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