What are the Different Types of Gemstone Jewellery?

It’s human nature to be attracted to the shiny, bright, and colorful shells, stones, and crystals. This quality makes us superior to other people as we get in possession of them. It is a tradition that gems are associated with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Diamond is the most precious gemstone and there is no doubt in it. However, for those who are not a big fan of it, have affordability issues or want a more eco-friendly option, gemstones are always there to make their jewelry items grand.

Let’s have a closer look at Gemstone jewelry and check out moss agate properties and how this tone compliments your jewelry items.

Moss Agate- All About the gemstone

Moss Agate is one of the Dendritic Agates which is a type of chalcedony that contains green colored minerals and dendritic inclusions which are oxides of manganese or iron. It is not a pure agate but it has some chemical compositions and the agate patterns are quite interesting.

In general, Moss Agate is created from the weathering of volcanic rocks and thus does not include any organic matter in its structure. Unlike other chalcedony minerals that have a normal agate banding pattern, Moss Agate has inclusions that are layered and look like moss. This gemstone is readily available in India, Brazil, Uruguay and the United States of America.

Qualities of Moss Agate

Previously, people believed that the stone, which is now known as moss agate, has a healing power. In the later part of the 18th century, moss agate was used as a talisman in Britain.

The presence of moss or fern-like patterns in the stone made gardeners and farmers to think that moss agate was a Stone of Agriculture and this made European farmers to hang the stone on trees and round the horns of oxen when plowing to ensure good harvests.

Moss agate in the past was linked with various meanings and symbolism. These meanings include enhancing one’s psychological and emotional health and even self-assertion. It is said to help in increasing creativity and self-actualization. It is also said to help a person to feel more grounded and in tune with the earth, providing earth energy.

Moss agate is said to possess a calming influence and is often used in meditation. It is green in color and this color is associated with growth and rebirth, therefore it is used by people who wish to transform their lives. Moreover, its properties make it a popular choice for rings and other jewelry items.

Moss Agate Rings

Over the last few years, people have started to look for more unique engagement rings and moss agate rings are among the most striking ones. This particular stone is famous for its dendritic inclusions that look like moss or lichen. Moss agate rings are not only stunning but also have deep meaning, which is why it is ideal for couples who want to have an engagement ring that is associated with nature.

The dendritic inclusions in the stone make it look like a piece of art created by nature, which is the case with moss agate. Moss agate is very special because each stone is different and it is impossible to find two identical ones, so the engagement ring will be unique.

Moss agate engagement rings are also popular because the stone is known to have many positive attributes and therefore it is suitable to be used in an engagement ring. It represents power, endurance, prosperity, fertility, unity, equilibrium, and the earth. These qualities are very important in any marriage that is meant to work.

In general, moss agate is not as expensive as diamonds and other gemstones, and it is quite affordable. This means that you can get a beautiful and meaningful ring at a relatively cheap price.

Moss agate is a hard stone that can be used for daily wear and tear without easily breaking. This is because it is a symbol of love that lasts for a long time. It can last a lifetime, just like love, even in the worst of circumstances.

Exclusive Product: Moss Agate Solitaire Engagement Ring

Our Moss Agate Solitaire Ring is a perfect example of how fashion can be organic and chic at the same time. The green and white marbling pattern of the shoe is as if it was taken from a quiet forest and that makes it perfect for any occasion.

This ring is perfect for those who prefer natural motifs; it will be an elegant and extraordinary addition to one’s look. Whether worn as an everyday or engagement ring, this Moss Agate Solitaire Ring is a classic accessory that embodies a green outlook on life.

Moss Agate Necklaces

Necklaces made from moss agate stones are classy and can be worn for formal, casual, official or even religious events. They can be worn on any occasion and they enhance the overall outlook of any outfit, be it formal or informal. Moss agate pendants are pretty and minimalist, allowing the stone’s patterning to steal the show.

Statement necklaces are thicker and much more noticeable than the outline necklaces, perfect for a fashionable statement. In selecting your moss agate necklaces, there are styles that are plain and simple and there are also styles that appear grander in design.

Moss Agate Earrings

Moss agate earrings are available in different designs like simple stud earrings or ones that drop all the way to the shoulders. Studs are very versatile and can be worn on a daily basis as they add a dapperness of nature without being too dominating.

Fancy earrings such as the Moss Agate Drop Earrings as mentioned before, are elongated in design, therefore suitable for occasions of higher glamor. These earrings express the patterns of moss agate in a bold way and even apply stylish concepts in it. Earrings, whether small studs or dangle, allow moss agate to become a lovely addition to any individual’s jewelry box.

Moss Agate Bracelets

Just like moss agate rings, moss agate bracelets come in all kinds of designs, but mainly assorted bracelets that include beaded ones and those that are bangles. The beaded bracelets can easily be described as the natural, rustic look, which is every bohemian’s dream. Bangles on the other hand provide a neater and a more glamorous look to the women.

Each of these styles focuses on the best qualities of rounding the pieces of moss agate of gentle green and white pattern. Moss agate bracelets will not impose any struggle in accessorizing any outfit and adds a certain raw beauty that is both elegant and classic.


The world of gemstone jewelry is rather diverse and every single product is unique and beautiful in its own way. Among jeweler with other gemstones, moss agate accessories are special because they have a green and white wavy line design which represents nature. Because of this, it can be worn on many occasions and with any outfit ranging from casual wear to formal wear.

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