The Timeless Elegance of Pear Cut Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, making a sound choice can be difficult. It becomes difficult especially when you have so many options available. This is where the pear cut engagement ring comes in.

While buying engagement rings, people try to find the one that looks unique and combines modern sophistication with the classic beauty. However, when you go to buy you find different cuts that could leave you feeling frustrated. So, we are here with the solution that is pearl cut engagement rings. These rings are elegant enough to make you keep them for a lifetime.

In this article, we have brought to you a complete guide about pear cut engagement rings and how to select the perfect pear cut moss agate engagement ring for you.

The History and Symbolism of the Pear Cut

The first pear shaped moss agate engagement ring was introduced in the 1400s when Lodewijk Van Berken, a notorious Flemish blacksmith, first created this cut.  He was known for inventing the selfie, which is a wheel sculpture to cut diamonds.

The pear cut is a sleek and feminine blend of marquise and round cuts, making it unique and highly recognizable around the world. While individual ring styles and inclusions have changed over the centuries, the traditional pear cut has generally remained constant over the last 500 years and now a little more accessible when it comes to the common.

Many celebs like Victoria Beckham, Cardi B, Katherine Heigl and Princess Charlene of Monaco, as well as public figures love and wear pear-shaped engagement rings

Characteristics of Pear Cut rings

In addition to an important origin and rich history, pear-shaped engagement rings also carry some very important meanings. Because the cut itself is unique and unmistakable, pear-shaped engagement rings are said to symbolize power, individuality and independence and it makes sense that such an accentuated and distinctive design would carry superior qualities so much more!

Like the attributes of the ring itself, the pear shape is a reflection of the individuality and power of the person who wears it. Whether you choose a halo wedding ring with a beautiful pear center stone or a gemstone pear ring, you’re obviously not afraid to be different, to take matters into your own hands or to your own beat.

Pear-shaped engagement rings also represent beauty, elegance and timeless grace. Although they can be worn on both sides, most of the actual pear shape is worn pointed down towards the fingertips, giving the hand a reduced and narrow look. Some even consider a pear-shaped engagement ring appealing as it symbolizes love, connection and gratitude for their life partner.

Design Variations and Settings for Pear Cut Rings

Pear cut engagement rings are famous for their teardrop shape, but they also come in many settings that enhance their unique look. Popular settings for engagement rings include:

1. Halo

In halo design there is a pear shaped moss agate stone with smaller stones that surround the middle one. The side stones don’t only enhance the value and beauty of the stone but also make it more prominent and add to its sparkle. This design is for those who prefer classic rings with a touch of modernity.

2. Solitaire

Solitaire setting for the pear shaped engagement ring has a single pear cut moss agate stone. This setting allows the shape and the facets of the stone to be more visible. The solitaire design is preferred for those who want a minimalist styled wedding ring that exhibits clarity and elegance of the stone.

3. Pave

In the Pave setting there are small stones embedded along the band with the center stone that provide an extra sparkle and a luxurious feel. It is especially for those who want a touch of brilliance in their ring while staying stuck to the unique pear cut moss agate stone.

All of the above settings increase the visual impact of the pear cut moss agate ring. The halo setting makes the moss agate center stone appear larger. However, the solitaire setting highlights the unique shape and carat size of the centerpiece. At last, the pave cut adds a shimmer to both the band and the moss agate center piece.

Customization Options

It is not necessary that you only choose these three settings in pear cut moss agate rings. There are also customization options that many jewelers offer you. You can go for a split shank band to add a modern twist to the traditional designs. You can also contrast other gemstones with the green moss agate stone for personalization in the setting.  Otherwise, engraving is always an option to give a unique touch and make your pear cut engagement ring a symbol of a memory of your engagement day.

Choosing the Right Pear Cut Ring

When choosing a pear-cut moss agate engagement ring you should consider a length-to-width ratio of 1.45 to 1.75 because it’s ideal for checking balance. Symmetry is also an important factor. So, make sure the point lines up with the center of the end circle for a good fit.

The choice of metal should enhance the natural beauty of the moss agate. White metals like platinum or white gold can enhance its sophisticated shape, while yellow or rose gold also provides a vibrant contrast.

Quality and durability are also an important factor to consider. You should choose stones that are certified ethical gemstones and come from an ethical and valid source to make sure that the stone is of high quality. For this purpose, you should look for the jeweler’s name and certifications which guarantee ethical practices. Also consider recycled metals to reduce the environmental footprint and make your cause more divine just like your relationship is.

Another important factor is craftsmanship that matters a lot. A skilled craftsman can create a perfect pear cut gemstone in whatever setting you want. So, you should check out how well the prongs and bezels of the stones have been created. Also, ask about the polishing and trimming process to make sure that your stone stays with you for longer.

How to take care of Pear Cut Engagement Rings?

Pear cut engagement rings require more care to be taken off because of their cuts and settings. Here are some tips to take care of your engagement rings.

  1. To clean your engagement ring, you should use a soft baby brush to clean off the dust. After this apply a natural mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda to clean the moss agate.
  2. Pear cut wedding rings are more susceptible to damage so always handle the ring with care. You should remove your ring while exercising because the ring is elongated and force can damage the stone. Moreover, the elongated side is first hit with force and it can cause the stone to break down.
  3. Take care of the security of the stone, both while buying and when it is in use. It is not an uncommon thing to lose your stone when the prongs become loose overtime. So, when you wear it, check that they are always secure.
  4. Don’t apply bleaches or other chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to clean the stone. They will react with the moss agate stone and cause it to lose its luster and the signature green moss like inclusions.
  5. Always keep your ring in a safe place. Prefer to use a fabric lined ring box or jewelry box to keep it free from any external force or getting rubbed with sharp surfaces.
  6. Remove your ring before exercising, washing dishes, showering, baking, gardening, or putting makeup on. This will keep the ring shinier for longer. Moreover, it will remove the need to clean the rings again and again.

Final Words

Pear cut engagement rings are a great way to make your day special. Their signature shape with elongated teardrop corners give them a special royal look that makes them worth buying for your partner. You can get your pear cut moss agate engagement ring in many settings like halo, solitaire and pave. Plus, you can also customize these settings to make your ring match your personality.

Moss Agate ring offers you a unique collection of pear cut moss agate wedding rings and pear shaped moss agate engagement ring with a variety of settings. So, you can choose the one that matches best with the personality and style of your partner. Visit the website today and get the best your partner deserves to have for your big day.



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