Is Oval or Round Cut Better for Engagement Rings?

Investing in a right engagement ring is important in itself because the right cut feels right to you. When it comes to the cut of stone in a ring, there are a lot of things to consider like its clarity and vibrancy. Both oval and round moss agates are popular when in the engagement ring industry.

At first glance, you don’t notice any significant differences between those odd wing configurations. However, despite their similar sizes, there are some things that separate them. From pricing to personal style, let us compare cuts to set you up with the perfect match.

What is a Round Cut for an Engagement Ring?

Do you know that 70% of all the engagement rings come in round cut? This cut was introduced in the 17th century but at the end of the 19th century a diamond cutter named Marcel Tolkovsky created angles and shapes of the round cut. Since then, round cut has been a popular choice for rings because it enhances the shine of the center stones.

The popularity of round cut engagement rings and round cut wedding rings is attributed to Tiffany and Co. They introduced a six strand tiffany shape in 1986. This shape was special because it increased the brilliance of diamond and jewelry all over the world made it a standard for designing wedding rings.

Characteristics of Round Cut

The round cut that is also known as the brilliant cut is the most popular and widely recognized cut in the world of wedding rings. Its defining feature is its curved shape that is designed to reflect light and due to which the stone shines brighter. Nowadays this round cut features 58 sides which includes the culet or the bottom half. All of the sides are arranged perfectly to improve light efficiency and enhance the moss agate’s brilliance and sparkle.

The shapes of round cut are carefully calculated to balance brightness, width and brilliance. These features contribute to its exceptional ability to reflect light, making it a great choice for wedding rings and fine jewelry. Its versatility and timeless appeal suits different jewelry uses and designs. In addition, the round cut is also known for its ability to hide additions and blemishes that gives the round cut moss agates a clearer and brighter shape.

Benefits of Round Cut

Round cut is the most popular cut among the engagement rings. People not only buy engagement rings for their beauty but also for their value. Round cuts have better value proposition and have better resale potential.

When it comes to aesthetics, round cuts offer a balanced and pleasing look due to their inherently symmetrical shapes.

Round cuts are also more durable than other ones as they have no sharp edges. They are less prone to chipping. So, you can wear them every day without worrying about breakdowns.

Overview of Oval Cut rings

An oval cut offers the same clarity as the round one but it has many different features. Oval cut features an elongated design and comes with a uniquely modern twist on the traditional round stone. The oval moss agate engagemnet ring also has brilliance similar to the round cut that was introduced by Lazare Kaplan in 1957. However, the oval cut has an advantage of being more modern than the round one.

Characteristics of oval cut rings

Oval rings look more sophisticated due to their elongated shape and large surface area due to which the stone appears bigger and more significant. The ovals have their own unique flaw called the bow-tie effect which requires a special treatment. This is a term used to refer to a dark strip that runs across the stone’s center width and looks like a bow tie. The bow-tie effect can range from mild to severe depending on the angle of view and only becomes visible when looking directly at the person. Hence, in the case of ovals, it is crucial to see the diamond in person to actually tell if a bow tie is there and to what extent.

Although you won't be able to completely avoid the bow-tie effect with ovals, we choose the ones that look good with minimal bow-tie, and the result is always a beautiful design. We suggest to our customers to avoid the oval moss agates with the bow-tie effect, but not to be too fixated on this feature. Finally, a beautiful oval will make an outstanding ring.

Benefits of choosing an oval cut

By their natural grace and beauty, oval cut moss agates are the most suitable choice of any woman. Besides, their elongated fancy shapes add them a good face-up appearance. Moreover, they give a contemporary and elongated effect on any finger.

Oval cut moss agate stones don't follow the standard length-to-width ratio; this means that the proportions can be selected to suit individual taste.

An oval shape is an ideal shape for an engagement ring because it is both versatile and durable. A halo of stones could be added to rings with oval cut centers to enhance their unique shape even more.

Comparative Analysis of Oval vs. Round Cut

Visual impact

The round cut moss agate has the most sparkle than or cut because of its faceting structure and concentrated shape. Round and oval cuts both can be called brilliant cuts. The name of the brilliant cut diamonds is derived from the fact that they are cut in such a way as to maximize the stone’s brilliance. Round moss agates with 58 facets have a great ability to reflect white light. Oval cut moss agate engagement rings are usually cut with 57-58 facets, so they can be as bright as a round diamond.

When the size difference between oval and round moss agates is considered, there are several factors that give the ovals an edge in terms of looking bigger. It is due to its stretched shape and weight distribution toward the top of the stone that ovals will look bigger than round moss agates of the same carat weight.

This is true because the total surface area of the moss agate is the one that is being shown. Ovals are on average 10% larger than round cut moss gates of the same carat weight. In addition, an oval will always have a longer length and a shorter width for its ratio measurement, so most people instinctively look at the length of the oval and then subconsciously determine the oval’s size with that measurement instead of the width.


The suitability of oval and round moss agate shaped ring is determined by some factors like hand size, finger length, and personal style. The oval shaped moss agate engagement ring can be a great choice for people with shorter or wider fingers as it creates the illusion of longer and slimmer fingers. Plus, the oval stones are more spread out on the finger. It makes the fingers look bigger and prominent than the round stones of the same carat weight.

Moreover, the oval form of moss agate is a classic and elegant shape that can be used in both formal and casual settings. You can also get oval stones in different settings such as solitaire, halo, and vintage designs, which are very versatile and stylish.

When it comes to round shape, it can be worn on any finger length. The symmetry of moss agate round cut creates a balanced look while preserving natural beauty. Moreover, the round cut is the best option to highlight all the inclusions on moss agate.

This was our recommendation for you, however the final choice depends on your personal preference and choice. You can try different shapes and get to know what works best for you according to your taste.

Cost comparison

Just like the 4 C's are the basis for all diamond price systems, the price of a moss agate increases in a geometric progression as stones become larger. The quality of the cut is the most important factor in determining the price of stone.

The price of oval cut moss agate is lower than the price of round moss gates of a similar size and quality. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find a good oval cut moss agate, as quality is crucial, and listings usually don't disclose this information. A moss agate of an oval cut may be cheaper, but it may take you longer than you expected to find it.

Final Words

Our specialty at Moss agate rings is on perfect and super perfect round cut moss agats, and we have a large inventory of these moss gates that have been fully vetted and in stock. In addition to this, we offer our customers a wide range of shapes to allow them to have the ring they desire.

Moss agate is a practical gemstone that will never be out of fashion, whether it is round or oval or any other shape you like. So, you can buy it without any fear of getting out of fashion from Moss agate rings.


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